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Do You Need a Breast Revision?

Breast revision (also referred to as breast implant revision or breast implant replacement) is a surgical procedure performed to:

  • Change implant size
  • Change implant type
  • Replace a damaged implant
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Regain a youthful breast shape
  • Remove scar tissue
  • Adjust implant placement
  • Rejuvenate a breast augmentation

For women who are displeased with the results from a previous breast augmentation, or just want to improve on their existing breast augmentation, a breast revision is the answer.  Even if your original breast augmentation was done exactly to your liking breast augmentations may need to be updated over time to maintain the appearance you love.

Breast Revision Q&A

Houston Breast Revision

Is a Breast Revision Right for Me?

In all cosmetic procedures different factors can affect the outcome.  Different doctors have different techniques for performing breast augmentations and advances in technology may provide better options than were available when the surgery was originally performed.  Some patients find that they did not have their original expectations met when they first received their breast augmentation; their implants may have shifted or their augmentation has been altered by aging or health issues.  Implants can break down or deflate or you may have suffered an injury.  Your preferences may change and significant changes in weight can affect the positioning and shape of your implants.  If you find that any of these reasons apply to you, you are a good candidate for a breast revision.

the common reasons for choosing to have a breast revision performed are:

  • Changing the size of the breast implants
  • Changing from saline to silicone, or the opposite
  • Changing implant placement
  • Correcting asymmetrical implant placement
  • Breast sagging (breast ptosis)
  • Implant rupture or damage
  • Changing the shape of their breasts
  • Implant rippling
  • Unhappiness with a previous breast augmentation
  • Pregnancy has affected their breast augmentation
  • Implants have shifted due to a change in weight
  • Removing implants completely

Dr. Nikko is a highly-rated cosmetic surgeon and has been performing breast revisions in Houston for over 15 years.  Using his own techniques he can revitalize and improve your breast augmentation giving you the youthful, ideal appearance you desire.  If you think that a breast revision might be for you contact the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nikko today.

What is the Breast Revision Procedure?

  1. If you have questions about the breast revision procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nikko.  During your consultation he will discuss your personal goals and expectations, then determine the correct course of action.  He will explain how to prepare for the day of your surgery, what to expect during your surgery, the recovery process, and proper aftercare.  Once you have met with Dr. Nikko his staff will schedule your procedure with you.
  1. A breast revision is an outpatient procedure. On the day of your surgery, Dr. Nikko will discuss the outcome and plan of your procedure with you before the surgery begins.  You will be placed under general anesthesia during your plastic surgery procedure.  Following your surgery you will be transferred to our comfortable recovery room.  Once you have become fully alert you will be allowed to go home.
  1. Once you have been released to return home it is extremely important that you follow Dr. Nikko’s instructions on proper aftercare and recovery. You can expect to be walking soon after surgery but as with all procedures, results can vary patient to patient.
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What is the Breast Revision Recovery Process?

During your consultation Dr. Nikko will thoroughly explain every step of your surgery, including the recovery process.  Recovery times vary for each patient but you can expect your breast revision recovery to last from four to six weeks.

  • You will be released to go home the day of your surgery. You will be able to and we encourage you to walk around starting the evening of your surgery. Movement is important to stimulate blood flow and help your recovery process.  However, you should avoid normal activities for some time according to guidance by Dr. Nikko.

It may take some time for your implants to settle into their final position and you may experience some occasional tingling or numbness that should subside within time following your surgery.  If you have any questions about when you should return to work, resume activities, or begin exercising,  Dr. Nikko will be happy to make a recommendation for you.

Breast revision procedures are not covered by insurance carriers; patients are financially responsible.  If you have any questions regarding breast revision, or you are ready to change or improve your previous breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nikko at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston today!

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