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Dr. Nikko offers chin augmentation for patients who want a more vibrant, attractive, and distinctive look to their face.  These procedures can also be performed in order to correct asymmetries in the face, unwanted genetic traits, and congenital defects.  Dr. Nikko believes that well-defined facial features are an important part of everyone’s physical beauty and self-esteem.  A strong chin provides balance and definition to the face.  Cosmetic facial surgery helps patients obtain a fuller, distinctive, and more balanced look to the face.

Chin Augmentation

  • Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure used to add volume to the chin with the use of implants. Patients undergoing rhinoplasty often consider a mentoplasty to help achieve their ideal facial balance and proportion.
chin and cheek augmentation

Is Facial Augmentation Right for Me?

If you would like to know if a facial plastic surgery procedure is right for you, schedule your free consultation with Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Nikko today and find out.  Dr. Nikko will discuss your goals and help you determine if chin augmentation is right for you.  Dr. Nikko has the talent and experience to help you determine the best way to achieve your goals.

What to expect during your facial augmentation consultation with Dr. Nikko:

  • Nikko will assess your facial structure and discuss your concerns about your face. He will also discuss your expectations for your facial surgery and explain the probable outcome of your procedure.
  • You will be shown “before” and “after” pictures of actual patients to help you understand the outcome of facial augmentation.
  • Nikko will help you understand the chin augmentation process. He will thoroughly explain what to expect during your facial surgery procedure and what to expect for your facial surgery recovery.

Facial implants have been proven to provide safe, low-cost, and low-risk results. To date, millions of facial implants made from non-toxic materials such as silicone, porous polyethylene, and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) have been implanted with no reported cases of allergic reaction. Designed specifically for use in chin area, these implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Dr. Nikko meticulously customizes the implants to achieve your desired and natural look.

What is the Facial Augmentation Process?

Chin augmentations are outpatient procedures.  They are conducted under general anesthesia.  Dr. Nikko makes small, non-visible incisions either in natural crease lines or inside the mouth. The implants are placed through the incision and then closed using tiny sutures.  Chin augmentation procedures are unique for every patient.  During your consultation Dr. Nikko will explain to you what to expect for your facial augmentation procedure.

Chin Augmentation Recovery and Cheek Augmentation Recovery

Because chin augmentation procedures vary depending on individual goals, Dr. Nikko will explain what you can personally expect for your recovery during your consultation.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

  • Nikko will apply a dressing, covering the area. Any discomfort will be controlled with prescription medication.  At first, keeping the head elevated and applying cold compresses to the area will minimize any swelling.  A soft-food diet may be required for a short time and chewing may be limited.   External scars are minimal and will fade significantly over time.  Strenuous activity should be avoided for some time following the procedure and Dr. Nikko will provide guidance.

If you are wondering if a chin augmentation is right for you, or you are curious about other cosmetic surgical procedures, schedule your free consultation at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston today.  Dr. Nikko has over 15 years’ experience helping patients achieve the look they desire.  Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance carriers; all patients are fully responsible for financing.  Financing for cosmetic procedures is available, read more about financing options here.

Chin augmentation
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