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As a Cosmetic Surgeon and Board Certified Dermatologist with more than 15 years of experience in Houston, TX, Dr. Anthony Nikko truly believes that cosmetic surgery alone is not the answer to achieving a person’s goal, it’s the first step to a new lifestyle. There are various factors involved in achieving the ultimate goal of enhancing your facial expression and body contour. Leading a healthy lifestyle will not only improve your physical beauty but will also develop a healthier internal immune system.

As part of the cosmetic enhancement, body contour, and facial rejuvenation process, Dr. Anthony Nikko also guides patients in conducting a balanced and healthy lifestyle utilizing a holistic approach for remedies, exercise, and nutrition.

Once patients have experienced the transformation through Dr. Nikko’s healing hands, they can utilize his expertise in maintaining the ideal look once achieved. Through balanced nutrition guided by Dr. Nikko that includes natural diets and supplements, patients can experience not only a faster recovery but long-lasting results. This regime, combined with the proper exercise to tone the body areas restored, will leave results that exceed every patient’s expectations. Dr. Nikko is a trained exercise specialist that utilizes the mind, body, and soul to achieve his personal goals.

Patients seeking exercise guidance after surgery will experience Dr. Nikko’s approach of developing and strengthening the inner core to optimize the outer results. If you are seeking not only cosmetic enhancement, but a lifestyle change through healthy eating habits and exercise philosophy, then contact Dr. Nikko today to guide you into a healthier new life 713-960-1311.