Non-Invasive Procedures

Get Results without Surgery

Now you can kill fat and tighten the skin without surgery, scarring, or lengthy recovery! Unlike other fat loss procedures available, Dr. Nikko’s Non-Invasive Liposuction procedures remove fat–for good–AND tighten the skin for better results. Using revolutionary body sculpting technology Dr. Nikko removes fat over larger areas, in less time, with no scarring or pain.

How do Dr. Nikko’s Non-Invasive Methods Compare to CoolSculpting?

While other non-invasive liposuction treatments like CoolSculpting can last up to 10 HOURS, Dr. Nikko’s Non-Invasive Liposuction procedures can be completed in as few as 90 minutes, without any pain or discomfort. Combining several of the latest innovations in weight loss solutions, here’s how Dr. Nikko’s Non-Invasive Liposuction procedures compare to CoolSculpting:

  • Nikko can cover larger areas of the body such as the entire back or front in just 45 minutes, compared to 8-10 hours of CoolSculpting to cover the same area.
  • Treatments by Dr. Nikko allow for more privacy during treatment sessions. Dr. Nikko can leave the room and you can relax more completely.
  • Unlike CoolSculpting, Dr. Nikko TIGHTENS THE SKIN after removing fat cells for healthier-looking, firmer skin.
  • Nikko quickly covers both large and small areas while painlessly tightening the skin.

Scarless Liposuction*

Patients in Houston and Katy who want to reduce fat AND tighten their skin now have a solution!  Dr. Nikko’s Scarless Liposuction addresses fat similar to CoolSculpting–but with more advantages.  Complete your comfortable treatments in just a fraction of the time, tightening your skin in the process. No one wants dimpled, lax skin following liposuction or other non-invasive fat loss procedures. Unlike other scarless weight loss treatments like CoolSculpting, Dr. Nikko uses painless radio waves and ultrasound to annihilate fat cells, while safely smoothing and tightening the skin.

Fat removal
Lose weight without surgery

Reduce Fat In Houston*

Am I a Candidate for Non-Invasive Liposuction Fat Loss?

Dr. Nikko’s Non-Invasive Liposuction procedures are great for anyone who wants to shed:

  • Stubborn Fat
  • Love Handles
  • Underarm Fat
  • Double Chin
  • Any excess fat deposits!

Dr. Nikko uses a scarless, non-invasive technique for fast and painless procedures with no downtime.  Dr. Nikko goes a step further, providing nutritional and lifestyle advice for his patients to help maximize results.

The human body develops fat cells until puberty. After puberty, they only expand and contract based on diet, lifestyle, and other factors. Using a combination of painless radio waves and ultrasound, Dr. Nikko destroys those fat cells (known medically as inducing apoptosis), in treatment sessions that are shorter than other scarless weight loss options available. Once Dr. Nikko removes the fat cells they will never grow back!  Additionally, Dr. Nikko can reduce skin laxity for tighter, smoother skin following a weight loss procedure.

Get Results Fast!*

If you’re ready to see what the latest in non-invasive fat loss procedures can do for you, contact the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston today for your FREE consultation.  We have many different non-invasive options available; let’s see which one is right for you!