SmartGraft Restoration

Minimally-invasive hair restoration procedure

Hair Restoration Procedure

Dr. Nikko is proud to announce that hair restoration has never been more effective!  Combining the latest in hair restoration technology – the SmartGraft – with precision skill, Dr. Nikko restores hair more effectively than ever before possible, with less downtime.  Gently harvesting healthy hair grafts from the scalp the SmartGraft counts, sorts, and separates hairs protecting them before careful insertion back into the skin.  This results in renewed firm, thick, and natural-looking hair. Dr. Nikko’s SmartGraft Hair Restoration allows you to regrow your OWN hair,l reversing the effects of balding.

Dr Nikko was on Houston’s Fox news. For more information on Smart Graft click here .

Dr. Nikko’s SmartGraft Hair Restoration is:


Dr. Nikko’s SmartGraft Hair Restoration treatments are minimally-invasive procedures performed using local anesthesia.  Dr. Nikko is able to work quickly with the SmartGraft, reducing harvesting time by a third, compared to other techniques.  Treatments are outpatient procedures at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, TX and typically last 5-6 hours.


Hair restoration with SmartGraft doesn’t require a scalpel or any stitches.  Dr. Nikko numbs the area using local anesthetic, before delicately extracting micro-grafts of hair from the back of the head.  The grafts are sorted, cleaned, and protected quickly, before re-insertion into balding areas.  The entire procedure is virtually painless.


SmartGraft treatments have you back to your normal life quickly.  Procedures are completed in-office.  The recovery period for SmartGraft Hair Restoration is significantly shorter than traditional hair restoration procedure recovery.  Patients will have very few activity restrictions, and can return to work (and the gym) within short time but, as with all procedures, this may vary patient to patient.

Am I a Candidate for SmartGraft Hair Restoration?

Most people who suffer hair loss are candidates for SmartGraft hair restoration.  Procedures are relatively painless, performed in a comfortable setting, and recovery time is minimal.  SmartGraft firmly inserts your own hair into the scalp giving you strong, natural hair.  In particular, those who wear shorter hairstyles, who would like a more comfortable procedure, or who would like a shortened recovery period are perfect candidates for SmartGraft

  • SmartGraft is suitable for both men and women eager to regain a full, youthful head of hair.
  • Newly-transplanted hairs will begin to grow in several phases. Over a period of 12 to 14 months your hair growth will gradually increase for noticeable improvement.
  • Most important of all, with SmartGraft Dr. Nikko is able to precisely implant hair grafts exactly where they are needed for a completely natural-looking hairline.

If you’re curious to see what SmartGraft Hair Restoration can do for you, contact the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston for an ABSOLUTELY FREE consultation.  During your free consultation we will answer your questions, show you “before” and “after” photos, and explain what SmartGraft can accomplish for you.  Dr. Nikko will recommend the ideal treatment strategy for accomplishing your goals.

The SmartGraft Procedure

  1. The first step to a full head of your own healthy hair is to schedule a FREE consultation at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas. Once all your questions have been answered we will help you schedule a treatment.  During your consultation Dr. Nikko will explain how to prepare for the day of your procedure, and what you can expect.
  2. The day of your procedure prepare for several hours of relaxed sitting. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a book, phone, or tablet to help pass the time.  Procedures are done in-office, in a comfortable area.
  3. Your hair will be carefully shaved, taking care to conceal the donor area, eliminating the need for a haircut before the procedure. Before Dr. Nikko begins he will confirm that you are ready.
  4. Local anesthesia will be applied to the areas affected and Dr. Nikko will begin to carefully harvest donor hair. Harvested grafts are immediately counted, sorted, and protected, greatly helping the graft to survive the procedure.
  5. Nikko strategically implants hair grafts to restore healthy, firm hair. Dr. Nikko’s skill is most important at this stage as each hair must be delicately inserted at the perfect angle, depth, and place for natural-looking results.
  6. Once your treatment is complete (usually within 5 to 6 hours) you are free to go home. Patients are asked, but not required, to arrange for a ride home.  You will be able to wear a loose-fitting hat if you choose.
  7. The recovery process is minimal compared to traditional hair restoration methods. Nikko will provide comprehensive instructions for a healthy, happy recovery.  Most patients resume professional and fitness activity quickly but, as with all procedures, results can vary.


Grow Your Own Hair!

The SmartGraft uses your own hair for a natural, living, growing head of hair!  Hair implanted with SmartGraft grows just like the rest, allowing you freedom for whatever hairstyle you choose.  The only thing your friends will notice is your healthy, full head of hair.  If you’re ready to feel young, confident, and vibrant again with a full head of natural, healthy, firm hair contact the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery today and see what Dr. Nikko’s SmartGraft Hair Restoration can do for you!