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 Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a wide range of  skin care products

Dr. Nikko’s Daily 1 Serum

Dr. Nikko’s Daily 1 Serum is revolutionizing skincare by delivering skin regenerating power in one luxurious formulation.  Formulated by the doctor himself, each ingredient is hand selected and tested to deliver visible results in the quickest time possible.  Smaller pores, even tone, hydrated and glowing skin is finally yours!

Forget the long list of serums that tackle individual problems.  Dr. Nikko’s Daily 1 Serum is a powerful formulation that takes onall the issues associated with skin aging by delivering the nutrients it needs to visibly diminish the signs of aging.  Dr. Nikko’s proprietary blend of ingredients in his Skin Matrix Complex delivers visibly lasting results. 

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Nikkos Daily 1 Serum

ZO® Medical

ZO Skin health products

ZO® Medical products are for use as part of a skin health program supervised by your physician.  For more than 30 years, Dr. Zein Obagi has been a leader in the development and maintenance of skin health.  ZO® Medical products represent the next generation of products for the creation of skin that is truly healthy.  They are available exclusively through skin care professionals and can be purchased online only after a consultation with a ZO® authorized physician.

ZO® Skin Health Products

Zo mdeical products

ZO® Skin Health Products were developed by board certified dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi for daily preventative skin care.  They are specifically designed to provide a skin care program to combat premature aging, as well as to help with skin that has been damaged, whether from the sun, aging, discoloration, and other causes and conditions. Each of these products is geared to maintaining healthy skin as we go about our daily lives.

ZO Skin Products


Over the past 24 years, SkinCeuticals® has continued to research and improve their skin care lines to offer the best products for healthy skin. SkinCeuticals® stresses the importance of proper regimen for every skin type and skin condition. An effective regimen will include products with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to prevent and correct skin problems, and protect healthy, beautiful skin.


Revitalash® is a conditioner formulated to protect, moisturize and strengthen eyelashes. This product contains plant extracts essential to stimulate lash growth and to keep the lashes looking shiny and luxurious. Easy application once a day to achieve beautiful lashes.


bioCorneum®  is a physician-dispensed scar management cream. It has a patented blend of 3 silicones and an SPF30. What makes the silicones unique is they cross-link and bind to the top layers of the skin to form an invisible silicone barrier. This silicone barrier protects the incision or scar from external threats like bacteria and UV rays, while helping to maintain adequate hydration of the skin to regulate collagen production..

Revision Skincare®

Intellishade® is a tinted moisturizer and sunscreen for all skin types. This moisturizer is considered a “true block” because it contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is available in oily or matte finish and blends with the color of your skin. Prevent aging with this best selling, award winning moisturizer.

Revision Skincare

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